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The YACC Project provides opportunities for young people to shine!

Our Founder and leader, Veronica Smith, recognised the need for a learning option that catered for the needs of today’s young people – Generation Zed – that was student-centric, engaging and future focused.

Our unique approach to learning and personal development has produced very positive results for our clients whether they are engaged in our coaching programs, or our education and training courses.

We offer a unique learning experience for young people that are making their transition from secondary education to life, work and enterprise

During these crucial transitioning years, young people are offered opportunities through our unique programmes and courses, to explore their rapidly changing world in a safe, non-judgemental and aspirational environment.

RELATIONSHIP is our #1 value and we believe that when positive, meaningful relationships are developed and nurtured, the life of a young person can be transformed.

The most important relationship to explore is, of course, relationship with self, and all of our services focus on supporting our young client to recognise when they are in alignment with their inner self and if not, how to develop strategies for moving back into alignment, to experience a sense of happiness and well-being.

Take a look at our current programs and courses, that combine the very best of modern education and VET sector opportunities, as well as a holistic approach to the development and wellbeing of young people.

A successful alternative to traditional education and training

The YACC Project provides innovative programs for your young people:

  • Emerging Z-preneur Programme
  • Inspired Futures Programme
  • Lifecode for Teens Youth Coaching

“The future of education is already here!”

What People are Saying…

  • Desrae, Mum of Dylan, aged 16 years

    My son Dylan has been participating in the Emerging Z -program for the past eight months and loves it. It has complemented his school studies and he has applied what he has been learning to his working environment which has lead him to a promotion opportunity and being nominated for the Peel Bright Minds Young Champion Award. I have watched his confidence and self esteem soar in the past few months and he has a very clear strategic plan for his future which has been beautiful to watch. He has really enjoyed the learning environment, rather than a traditional education setting. I believe this program and approach supports the transition into the real world and inspires the young person to find their way with confidence and independence. I would highly recommended it am very happy with our investment.

  • Mum of Michael (14 years)

    I have found the Inspired Futures Program to be wonderful for my son, both in building his confidence and his abilities. The program has really shown his positive attributes.. Thank you.

  • Dawn Evans McLeod, Guidance Within

    Veronica has been a wonderful help for me growing from a practitioner to a business owner. Working with my profile type, Veronica has enabled me to embrace my qualities, understand my blocks and stay focused on my vision. Thank you.

  • Mark Postles, Quest Transformative Coaching and The In8Model

    Veronica is an inspirational leader. She gets things done and wholeheartedly encourages others to be their best.

  • Terri Billington, TCB Coaching/Training

    Veronica is an extraordinary lady who has an obvious passion for making a difference and in particular to young people. She is has a selfless commitment and because of this can make a profound difference to others through her unique style. I highly recommend Veronica and am honoured to know her.

  • Jo Saunders, Wildfire Social Marketing

    Veronica is a generous, and passionate business woman, who inspires and connects people. It was a pleasure to speak to the Aspire Business Women’s Network about LinkedIn. Veronica is a fabulous mentor and trainer, and I highly recommend engaging her services.


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