The YACC Project

What We Do

“We choose to see the potential, when others choose not to.”

~ Veronica Smith, Founder ~

Lifecode for Youth Coaching

Our private and confidential career, transition and life coaching sessions help our young clients navigate the confusing and ever-changing world.

Our career coaching sessions move our client through a process of discovering and then exploring their unique personality and strengths. Adolescents may experience many transitions – not only transitioning from child to adult, but things like changing family dynamics or moving schools can often feel out-of-control. 

Our coaches are trained to support young people through these complex and confusing times.

Programs for Young People

Providing a learning environment that is INCLUSIVE, SAFE, and YOUNG PERSON-CENTRIC, The YACC Project is a recognised provider of quality programs for the home schooling community.

Our programs include:

  • Inspired Futures Program
  • Inspired Futures incorporating the Emerging Z-preneur Program
  • ACM20117 Cert II in Animal Studies (Captive Animal focus)
  • Young and Wildly Creative (YAWC)
  • Language and Literacy Workshops


Support and Training for Parents, Schools & Community

A range of events including workshops and information sessions provide the support that parents need to in turn support their young people.

We also provide professional development options in a range of topics, such as:

  • Integrating Entrepreneurship in the Classroom
  • The In8ModelR
  • Getting to Know and Understand Gen Zed
  • Parents as Career Transition Support
  • Lifecode for Teens Practitioner Training

…and more.


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